PRIGAN Black Silver Wheel Cover 16″ For TATA Nexon

Do you own a TATA Nexon XE or XM model that come with steel rims ?

Are you searching for a better looking wheel caps than the default wheel caps that come with TATA Nexon XM.

We bought and tried PRIGAN Premium Quality, Nexon Black Silver Wheel Cover 16″ For TATA Nexon (Set of 4 Pcs) (Press FItting) Model- Vision_DC_16.

After using it for almost 6 month now , I am in a perfect position to write a review for the same so that you guys can get a perfect set of wheel caps for your TATA Nexon to give it a perfect alloy wheel looks.

PRIGAN Dual Color 16-inch Tyre Rim Wheel Cover with Rings (Set of 4pc)

The Side profile of your TATA Nexon XMS will have never looked better than with these PRIGAN Wheel Cover with Rings! Shining bright in a glossy silver- black colour, they are quite the blazing set of accessories your car needs.

Their 16-inch size makes them Compatible to all cars having wheel size of 16 inches. If your car tyre has R-16 written on it, then this it the perfect match to your wheels! Set of 4 in a box, these sporty and yet elegant looking wheels will upgrade your style quotient.

These same are also available in other sizes and colors : 12”,13”,14”,15”,16″ (all sizes in inches)

Easy to install, these high quality wheel covers with rings only require a press when attached to the wheel, and you are ready to go anywhere you wish to! Saves time than other time consuming fittings! Time and style are both of the essence with this smart set of 4

Their Press type Fitment means you save time from visiting a garage and can fit these at home by yourself. Time-saving and money-saving, these economical hubcaps (wheelcovers) save you from visiting the local garage or calling a mechanic. A Precise Secure fit, Prigan cares for the car-owners safety therefore all its products are easy to use, easy to install and securely fitted. When attached they will not fall out while driving and will not cause any other road safety issue to the owner.

Pros & Cons

  • Looks : Gives your TATA Nexon wheels an ALLOY Look
  • Fitting : Comes with metal ring and press fitting, Perfect for TATA Nexon
  • Pricing : A bit overpriced , but worth it.
  • Quality ; Is a bit inferior compared to the default wheel caps that come with TATA Nexon XM, XMS

Premium Tyre Pressure Gauge-KTR-001 Heavy Duty Review

Sometimes it happens , when you are about to leave with your car (or bike), you look at your tyres and you doubt weather the pressure is optimal or not. To get that checked , you need and extra detour to air filling point , and now a days , they charge 5 rupees per Tyre just to check and fill air.

What if you could have a premium and reliable Tyre pressure Gauge that can come handy at any of those doubtful moments. After all , having the right air pressure in your Tyres is of utmost importance.

If you don’t already know The proper PSI is crucial to your safety and the car’s longevity.

Here are the reasons-

Why do we need to have Right amount of Tyre Pressure –

  • 40% of car accidents are related to underinflated tyres. Check your tyre pressures regularly to make sure you’re safe on the road.
  • Underinflated tyres increase your fuel consumption by around 5%. Keep your tyres inflated correctly to avoid high fuel bills.
  • Incorrectly inflated tyres can cause premature tyre wear. Ensure your tyres last as long as possible by checking pressure regularly.

What is the Ideal tyre pressure for my Car / Bike ?

The recommended tire pressure varies based on the vehicle makes determined by the manufacturer after thousands of tests and calculations. For most vehicles, you can find the ideal tire pressure on the sticker/card inside the driver’s door for newer cars. If there’s no sticker, you can usually find the info in the owner’s manual. Normal tire pressure is usually between 32~40 psi(pounds per square inch) when they are cold. So make sure you check your tire pressure after a long stay and usually, you can do it in the early morning.

Where can I get a reliable and good quality Tyre Pressure Gauge Online ?

In offline market ,you can just get first hand experience of product and you know if it is good or bad.But the things are little bit tricky when you are getting the same online.

The best bet is to go for the number of ratings and consumer reviews, the more the better.

I looked around both Amazon and Flipkart (the two big ones) and found the one having most amount of positive ratings as well as reviews.

This is called KARTER SUPER PRODUCTS KTR-001 Heavy Duty Premium Tyre Pressure Gauge.

More than 1700 people gave it an awesome 4.3 rating out of 5 , which was so much better than all its competitors.

Thus i ordered it for 690 rupees with free shipping (as i am an amazon prime member) and it arrived in 3 days at my location.

Things I Loved about this Tyre Pressure gauge –

  • 45° ANGLED AND 360° SWIVELLING CHUCK so you can easily take tyre pressure from any angle. It has an extended chuck tip, so you get a good seal with no air leakage. Holds pressure until you press bleeder button. This button is also used to deflate tyres
  • VERY HANDY AND PORTABLE easily put in glove box. This robust and durable precision automotive tool is built to last, a onetime investment for your lifetime. No batteries or maintenance required. Can also detect leaking tyre by its hold pressure feature
  • ACCURACY KARTER KTR-001 mechanical tyre air pressure gauge is calibrated to ANSI B 40.1 Grade B (±2%) international accuracy standard so you get a precise pressure reading every time. Each unit is checked before packing. It shows reading on psi scale which is commonly used in India
  • TOP NOTCH DESIGNKARTER KTR-001 features a large 2â? clear white Dial for better reading. When you hold it, it gives you very solid and great build quality feeling in hand. It is also shielded by a gear style rubber cover for proper grip and protection from drops
  • A GREAT GIFT for your loved ones, used for Cars, SUVs, Bykes and all light weight vehicles, a must have best quality tool for every vehicle driver. Saves money on tyres, fuel and also saves you from tyre failure accidents. Four Valve Caps gift inside